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The French and Tunisian team of Autre Tunisie travel agency, results from the encounter of two travel enthusiasts and a professional in tourism. We are glad to welcome you on our travel website. You will find below a brief presentation of our team, that you will have the opportunity to meet at your arrival in Tunisia, to review the details of your tour, and also before you return home, to get your feedback on the tour and assist you with departure formalities.

A team of professionals, passionate about travel and in love with Tunisia


In his forties, dynamic et smiling, this man from Djerba island knows his stuff. Tunisia, is his pride and he is committed to have you discover its country, in what it has of more authentic and atypic. Commercial director of the travel agency, it’s to him that is left the demanding task of selecting our partners and local service providers (guides, drivers, accommodations and restaurants, leisure activity and other service providers). It is also he who ensures the smooth running of your tour program and steps in for any request on site.

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A man of experience, this man from Brittany, installed in the South of France led a busy life as an entrepreneur for 20 years. Today, the south of Tunisia, is where he continues his activity : he is always ready for adventure trails through mountains and sandy tracks, in order to provide his clients a total change of scenery and a sense of wonder during their Tunisian vacation. It is also he who meets you and guides you in creating tailor-made holidays, so that your excursions and tours match your desires and your budget.

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Passionate about faraway horizons, this outstanding organizer had already a previous experience in the tourism area. With Autre Tunisie, she is now free to defend her own vision of Tunisia tourism : respect for man and for nature, preservation of cultural and natural heritage, openness to others, about what makes them unique, and which put our own habits into perspective. She is a talented spotter of Tunisia tourist singularities, with which she adorns our proposals of original services and locations. This is the “administrator” of the company, which ensures the smooth running on all financial and administrative matters.

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This young mother, an ethnic Djerbian born in Tunis, holds a master’s degree in management of financial institutions. After a first experience of managing a travel agency, for 4 years in Tunis, she joined Autre Tunisie team in 2018 to assume this responsibility. It is she who ensures the proper monitoring of the accounts and participates in the management of the company. Like all members of the team, she is always up for new scouting and discoveries.

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They, too, are participating or have participated in the adventure of Autre Tunisie travel agency :

Foued Ben Jemaa, Isabelle Hénaff, Charlotte Bertic, Mélanie Courcier, Solène Barse…


The project of another tourism for Tunisia

Thanks to the motivation and tenacity of its team, the travel agency Autre Tunisie (Another Tunisia) has emerged under a new sky, early January 2011, just about when the “Jasmine Revolution” took place.
Based on the island of Djerba in southern Tunisia, our incoming travel agency aims to make you have another look, on the whole of Tunisia, through many tours off the beaten track. Its name “Autre Tunisie” which means “Another Tunisia” reflects its purpose : our travel agency offers visitors a different approach with views both cultural and historical, archaeological, ecological and sporty.
The key is to satisfy your need for a change of scenery while giving meaning to your trip on a human level as well as on an aesthetic level, with a rediscovery of the great diversity of landscapes of this beautiful country, and of the welcoming and proud nature of its inhabitants.
Our office is located in Houmt Souk on Djerba island and therefore our travel agency has for now mostly developed southern itineraries. Nonetheless we organize tours and customized travels in every region of Tunisia, so let us know what you wish for through our contact page.