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Visit of Michel Zucchero, Consular Consuelor

After an interesting and passionate exchange, Michel Zucchero rewarded Autre Tunisie with some comments:



The one that constitute for some years, Aline and Hubert Henaff and their partner Lazhar Guechai who built a tourism product intended for the discovery of Tunisia in another way.

Lovers of this country and knowing perfectly the least parcels of the South, they wanted to propose a different face that the relaxation in seaside.

Passionate, organized, inventive, they create, with Lazhar, an agency holder of the license A issued by the Tunisian Ministry of Tourism.

Distributed from their website they can boast of get in and bring back tourists from five continents.

Their simplicity, discretion and kindness are matched only by their professionalism.

It was a great pleasure and interest to meet them.
May 9th, 2018

In the photo Aline Henaff, Hubert Henaff and Lazhar Guechai with Michel Zucchero, consular advisor.