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Tour of Djerba and the Berber Land from 525 €

Discovery of Djerba island, Tataouine and South Tunisia Berber villages, a tour ideal for a family

Day 1 : Arrival on Djerba Island

Reception of the tour participants at Djerba-Zarzis airport. Transfer and check-in at your three-star hotel (half board formula) in Djerba, an island famous for enchanting Odysseus and his travel companions by its gentle way of life.


Day 2 : Djerba Island – Tataouine, city of South Tunisia

In the morning, early departure from your hotel : We leave Djerba island by ferry at the fishermen village of Ajim. Our first cultural stop wil be at Gightis archaeological site: the city was first Punic then Carthaginian and knew a great expansion during the Roman period. Coffee break in Medenine. We continue our trip toward Guermassa, considered as one of the most tremendous peak villages in the Tunisian southeast ; the ancient citadel groups an archaeological World Heritage complex. The journey in Berber land continues with the visit of the village of Douiret.

Lunch on the spot. After the traditional tea, departure to visit Ksar Ouled Soltane which ranks among the most remarkable ksours in Tunisia. Its special feature is the second yard from the 19th century, extending the first from the 15th century. Then we head toward Ksar Jelidat, to admire a set of perfectly conserved fortified granaries, and ride back to Tataouine. Dinner and night at a boutique hotel perfectly suited to the environment.


Day 3 – Tataouine and its dinosaurs – Djerba Island

After breakfast, we take the road to Ghomrassen and to the rock paintings of Aïn Sefri Caves. Break at the base of the cliff to take photos at Sidi Arfa Marabout landmark; the marabou sits atop a cliff overlooking the city of its height. Break and free time in Tataouine to taste and purchase the region’s pastry specialty: “gazelle horns”. Return to Tataouine for a walk in the local market.

Lunch at the hotel, and visit of the Earth Memory Museum which demonstrates the presence of many dinosaurs in the region during the Mesozoic era. Visit of a traditional craft village. As we leave the city, we get to look at the former French military prison, closed in 1938. On our trip back to Djerba, we make a photo break at «Sebket el Melah» salt lake. We arrive at Djerba island by the Roman roadway. Dinner and night at your 3* hotel.


Day 4 – Houmt Souk, capital of Djerba Island

Free time in the morning. Lunch at your hotel or at a local restaurant in Houmt Souk. In the afternoon, visit of Houmt Souk ancient city center, of its harbour and of Ghazi el Mustapha Fortress. Dinner and night at your 3* hotel.


Day 5 – Djerba island – Troglodyte Matmata – Seaside oasis of Gabes

Departure from Djerba island by the ferry. First stop in Mareth for a visit of its World War II military museum. Then off to the Berber village of Matmata and visit of a troglodyte house that inspired the decor of Star Wars movies. Lunch on-the-spot. After lunch, road to Gabes for a walk in the maritime oasis of Chenini -Gabes, then visit of the souk of Jara, formerly a slaves’s dealer place, currently a famous spices market where to find the henna, the spices, the basketworks… Return to Djerba by the ferry and view of the sunset over Jorf cliffs. Dinner and night at your 3* hotel.


Day 6 – Discovery of the core of Djerba island – «Autre Tunisie island tour»

Departure toward the island core. After two miles, we arrive at a menzel nestled between palm groves and fields of olive trees where the master of the house will serve you the traditional tea. You will discover another aspect of Djerba through its architecture and traditions. Then, off to visit la Ghriba, one of the world’s oldest synagogue, built by Jews seeking refuge in Djerba after the destruction of Solomon’s Temple. You will also see one of the oldest mosque on the island : the subterranean mosque of Cedouikech. We then head toward El Kantara, to wander into Meninx archeological site. Continuation of our trip toward Guellala a renowned city for pottery crafts. Visit of Guellala “Heritage Museum”, which gives a good overview of the Djerbian social and agricultural traditions. Lunch at a local restaurant.

In the afternoon, you will attend a demonstration of clay work in a traditional pottery workshop. You will continue your discovery of the island through the wild coast with its seaside mosque of Sidi Djmour, and the traditional fixed fisheries of Borj Djelij. Return to Houmt Souk for a coffee break and a walk in the souks. Dinner and night at your hotel.


Day 7 – Relaxation on Djerba island, the dream island

Free time in the morning to enjoy the beach and relaxation services at your hotel. Lunch at the hotel. During the afternoon, visit across Taguermès lagoon comfortably seated in carriages for an opportunity to watch the pink flamingos during their migratory travels. Return to the hotel to have dinner and spend the night.


Day 8 – Departure from Djerba island

Free time for lunch. Transfer to Djerba-Zarzis airport and assistance with departure formalities.