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Sahara’s Spring Festival, in Ksar Ghilane from 135 €

Spring Festival of the Sahara, Ksar Ghilane, 2 days

From the coast of Djerba in the rising sun…

Departure at 7:00 am to Spring Festival of the Sahara, Ksar Ghilane, from Houmt Souk in the island of Djerba, by comfortable 4X4, for a full day of exploring the lives of the Sahara people, in Southern Tunisia. We leave Djerba by the Roman road, which connects the island to the mainland, along the lines that feed island with freshwater. From Beni Keddache we take the path that will lead us towards the Saharan oasis of Ksar Ghilane. Coffee break in the middle of nowhere, between the rocky desert of the reg and the first sand dunes of the Erg.


…to the Saharan oasis of Ksar Ghilane, under the rays of the setting sun

Arrival in Ksar Ghilane late morning: from the Saharan oasis to the horizon, the ocher dunes of the Great Oriental Erg, and far away, the Roman ruins of ancient Roman fort of Tisavar. It is in this setting that are held, until the night of, the festival celebrations and the fantasias. After sunset, transfer on the track, to a comfortable camp in the desert


Festivities and return to Djerba island

Back in the oasis of Ksar Ghilane, the morning is spent at folklore of desert, mdawri and songs of poets.

Lunch in a camp and free time for a swim in the natural hot water spring, or for a camel ride or quad in the dunes of the Sahara (optional extra activities). Around 16:00 pm, recovery festivities with exhibits that show the life of the Bedouins, racing horses, dromedaries or Sloughis. After the last ride, we make our way back to Djerba island, where the 4×4 drop you at your place of residence.
Booking : contact M. Lazhar GUECHAI  tel : +216 97 200 319 / e-mail :
Price list:
Price valid for excursion 2 days on march 2023
Guaranteed departure from 5 participants.
Price is per person, and in euros (€)
– based on 5 participants and more = 135 €/person
Reduce rate for children under 12 years old : contact us for a customized quote.
Extra activity: camel ride = 15 € (1 hour)
Extra activity: ride quad = 35 € (1h – visit the Roman fort)