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Excursion Gabes & its maritime oasis- 1 day from 88 €

Visit Gabes, an historical city and Chenini seaside oasis …


From Mareth to Gabès, an immersion in History …

Early departure from your place of stay. We leave Djerba island by ferry, for an immersion into World War II history at the Military museum of the Mareth Line. We keep going back in time in Gabès, while visiting the Jara Market (closed since the Eid holiday fire of 2022/05/02). The sea entrance of Gabès, whose specificity is to possess the only seaside oasis of Northern Africa, made it an ideal place for human trafficking, at the time of the slave trade. The Jara Market, famous place of slave trade is still a sought-after trade place, as the market specialized in spices and henna. The Gabès basketry can also be found here. In one corner of the Jara market square, stands the guest house “Dar Ali Bey”, an historic monument, under which opens a merchant underpass. (inaccessible since the Eid fire of 02/05/2022)


The maritime oasis of Chenini, a surprise of Nature

Next, we cross Chenini seaside oasis, where thrive pomegranate orchards. There you will discover the three level of agriculture, typical of oases. Stroll in the oasis, where there is a small zoo and its Museum of southern Tunisia fauna (to be avoided if, like us, you consider that animals are better off in their natural environment than in cages). Lunch at a restaurant, nestled in the heart of the oasis.


Cultural traditions of South Tunisia and Matmata troglodytes houses

The afternoon begins with a visit of “Sidi Boulbaba” mausoleum, (prayer room not accessible to non-Muslims) a popular pilgrimage site, then you will understand many cultural aspects of South Tunisisa during the guided visit of the “Arts and Traditions” Museum of Gabès. (still closed for works in 05/2022)
In Matmata, famous for its troglodyte houses that inspired the director of Star Wars saga, you discover the traditional local architecture. Visit of a troglodyte home in Matmata and encounter with the inhabitants. We continue our trip across the Dahar mountain range, toward the Berber village of Toujane for a photo break and panoramic view on the valley. In the late afternoon, return to Djerba island through the Roman roadway that connects the island to the mainland. The 4×4 drops you off at your place of stay.

Prices applicable from 11/01/2022 to 10/31/2023
Departure guaranteed from 2 participants, possibility of regrouping departures on demand.
Prices are per person and in euros (€)
– based on 4 participants and more = 88 €/person
– based on 3 participants …………..= 106 €/person, Contact us for booking.
– based on 2 participants …………..= 118 €/person, Contact us for booking.
Reduced rate for children under 12 y.o : contact us for a customized quote..
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