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Discovery ride around Zarzis area – 1 day from 76 €

Sightseeing ride and discovery of Zarzis area.

From the Roman road, between Borj Kastil and Borj El Agreb …

The departure of your tour “Discovery ride around Zarzis area” will start with pick up at 8am on your place of residence. You will join the end of the Roman road that connects the island of Djerba to the mainland a few kilometers from Zarzis, for a little history of the relations between the island and the mainland.
Djerba has modest remains of the passage of primitive man, the average traces of the Punic civilization and major of the Roman occupation. Successive islanders used the mainland to source raw materials such as wool, milk, meat, vegetables, trading with the population of Hassi Jerbi and Gergis (current Zarzis). The positions of military outposts of Borj El Kastil and Borj Agrab, remain. They allowed to master the passage of the ship canal, having within reach of cannons, any enemy ship that would be too close to the island of Djerba …
Towards El Mouensa and Souihel, villages not far away from Zarzis, still remain some functional workshops of the manufacture of textile which had invested the island and the mainland since the Romans.

Then you follow the sea along the coast of the maritime oasis of Souihel to join the artistic eco space “Memory of sea and man”, initiated by “Boughmiga”. Visit the place to talk about the collection of waste from the sea, the artistic recycling, awareness, bottles in the sea, the Guinness record, ninjas from the sea, illegal immigrants, recycling of human heritage , artistic squat places …. A word also about “Mamadou and the silence of the sea,” a book from our friend Mohsen Lihidheb.

After a look at the twin minarets of the Mosque of Sidi Kebir, also called the Great Green Mosque , your walk around Zarzis lead you, through Sonia beach, to discover the traditional market of El Mouensa. The tour continues between the stalls of vegetables and fruits market, the flea market and around the cattle market …The morning ends with a discovery walk of the fishing port of Zarzis and possibly a visit to the municipal museum of Zarzis.
Lunch in a restaurant with sea view.

…to the site of Ras Lemsa and the peninsula El Bibane

The afternoon begins with a visit of salina, dedicated to harvesting, drying and transport of salt. The tour and the discovery continues with a visit to the scenic and historic site of Lemsa. The place was Primitive then Punic and finally Roman, before becoming the starting point of Harraga waves (illegal immigrants by sea), in the wake of the Tunisian revolution in January 2011. The giant art installations of Boughmiga, as part of his artistic and ecological action will lead to another break on the way to El Bibane. Ejdaria, Isthmus of twenty-five kilometers long, with very fertile land, used only for fifty years, separating Lake Bhiret and El Bibane from the sea. Besides the visit to the village center, the small harbor of fishing operations along the lake rich in delicious fish by salt intake by alluvium from sebkhas (saline depressions) … panoramic places are to visit in the west side of the isthmus, and a small private fish farm for sea bream farming. If timing allows, a visit to a local cheese factory can be scheduled on the way back to Zarzis and Djerba.

Price list:
Price valid from 01/11/2022 to 31/10/2023
Guaranteed departure from 2 participants; ability to group the departures on demand.
Price is per person, and in euros (€)
– based on 4 participants and more = 76 €/person
– based on 3 participants …………..= 100 €/person. Contact us for booking.
– based on 2 participants …………..= 123 €/person. Contact us for booking.
Reduce rate for children under 12 years old : contact us for a customized quote.
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