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Sightseeing tours Autre Tunisie

Autre Tunisie travel agency offers sightseeing trips, from the major cities of Tunisia, to explore different aspects of culture, architecture, history and geography of Tunisia. From Djerba and Zarzis, you will discover the Berber villages and the first dunes of the Sahara, for an overview of the adventure in southern Tunisia. The walks around Tozeur will lead you to the mountain oasis, the Chott El Jerid and Douz, or around Sened and El Guettar at the foot of Jebel Orbata. From Tunis you will discover the Punic and Carthaginian culture, then Roman, and finally Arabic in the heart of the old medina. Cap Bon, orchard and vegetable farm of northern Tunisia, reserve you some surprises.

Nautical activities and walks

Nautical activities and walks on the tracks and beaches, entertainment in Tunisia
From -- €

Tozeur 3-day tour, departing from Djerba

Discovery program towards Tozeur, special for groups of friends or students.
From 275 €

Sightseeing tour Kairouan-Tozeur-Douz-El Jem – 3 days

Discovery of Kairouan and southern Tunisia!
From 365 €

Sousse discovery tour – 0.5 day

Visit to the capital of the Tunisian Sahel.
From 41 €

Tozeur-Douz-Ksar Ghilane-Matmata – 2 days

Discovery tour of southern Tunisia!
From 176 €

Sightseeing tour Ong Jmel and Mos Espa – 1/2 day

Southern Tunisia sightseeing tour to Star Wars galaxy!
From 53 €

Sightseeing tour to mountain oases – 1/2 day

Discover the mountain oases of Tozeur area!
From 47 €

Sightseeing tour from Tozeur to Douz – 1 day

Discovery of “Chott el Jerid” and white sand dunes in Douz!
From 100 €

Red Lizard Train and mountain oases – 1 day

Excursion aboard the train “Red Lizard” in the gorges of Selja.
From 94 €

Discovery ride around Zarzis area – 1 day

Sightseeing ride and discovery of Zarzis area.
From 76 €

Sightseeing: bivouac in Tunisian desert – 2 days

Overnight camping in the desert in Tunisia.
From 200 €

Quad biking in the Tunisian Sahara – 1 day

Quad biking in the Sahara desert in Tunisia. Guaranteed departure from 2 participants.
From 212 €

Sightseeing Zaghouan and Zriba – 1 day

Water Temple in Zaghouan and Berber village in Zriba !
From 112 €

Sightseeing Kairouan and El Jem – 1 day

Great Mosque in Kairouan and amphi theater in El Jem!
From 112 €

Sightseeing tour Carthage and Sidi Bou Said – 1/2 day

Excursion from history of Carthage to the poetry of Sidi Bou Said !
From 71 €

Cap Bon sightseeing tour: from Korbous to Kelibia – 1 day

Cap Bon sightseeing tour: from Korbous sources to Kelibia fortress !
From 112 €

Sightseeing Bulla Régia – Dougga – Testour – 1 day

Roman temples in Bulla Regia and Dougga, Testour Great Mosque!
From 112 €

Bardo Museum and Medina of Tunis – 1/2 day

Roman mosaics and Arabic architecture in Tunis !
From 59 €

Trip to mountain oases, Ong Jmel § Mos Espa – 1 day

Discover the mountain oases and the filming locations of Star Wars, near Tozeur!
From 88 €

Tour from Tunis to Kerkennah Islands – 3 days

Arab medinas of Kairouan and Sfax and calm shores on Kerkennah islands.
From 441 €

Trip Kairouan-Kerkennah-El Jem – 3 days

Kairouan, holy place of Islam and the Kerkennah Islands, tolerance lands!
From 441 €

Trip Sfax and Kerkennah islands – 3 days

The medina of Sfax and the wild charm of the Kerkennah islands !
From 365 €

Tunis-Bardo-Carthage-Sidi Bou Said – 1 day

A discovery of numerous historical treasures of Tunis!
From 94 €

Ksar Ghilane Oasis – 2 days

2 days getaway from the island of Djerba to the Sahara …
From 155 €

Ksar Ghilane Oasis – 1 day

Oasis of Ksar Ghilane, overview of the Sahara Desert in Tunisia
From 90 €

Sahara’s Spring Festival, in Ksar Ghilane

Spring Festival of the Sahara, Ksar Ghilane, 2 days
From 135 €

Private tour

Discovery of Tunis capital, the antique Carthage and Northern Tunisia Private tour, ten days, on request, for 1 people, from Tunis to Dougga, Kairouan and Sousse, then Douz, Kebili and Tozeur and at the end Chenini in Dahar mountain, then Djerba. Departure schedule on september 10th. Program and pricing conditions according to our e-mail exchange.
From -- €

Excursion Gabes & its maritime oasis- 1 day

Visit Gabes, an historical city and Chenini seaside oasis …   From Mareth to Gabès, an immersion in History … Early departure from your place of stay. We leave Djerba island by ferry, for an immersion into World War II history at the Military museum of the Mareth Line. We keep going back in time in […]
From 88 €

Tozeur & the mountain oases – 2 days

Discover Tozeur, Douz and the mountain oases departing from Djerba From Djerba to Tozeur and Douz: Palm-grove cities on the edge of Sahara desert… Early morning departure from your place of stay. We leave Djerba island through the ferry that make the maritime connection between Jorf’s Cliffs and the small fishing port of Ajim. We […]
From 212 €

Private tour of the Sahara desert

Discovery of the first dunes of southern Tunisia.
From -- €

Balance due

Payment of the balance after payment of a deposit.
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Southern Tunisia and Sahara Private tour

Sahara discovery in Southern Tunisia, following the path of the 3rd Royal Tank Regiment in April 1943, in Tunisia.
From -- €

Sightseeing tour to Douz Festival 2023 – Single room

Sightseeing tour to discover the Saharan culture to Douz festival
From -- €

Art project : meeting religious communities in Djerba

Meeting religious communities in Djerba for an international art project (music and film)   During your stay in Djerba, our team organizes meetings with religious communities within of the island of Djerba, as agreed in our emails exchanges. Sightseeing tour of a mosque and synagogue “Ghriba” in Djerba.
From -- €

Sahara sightseeing tour special family 2 days – 1 night in bivouac

Special auto-tour to the Sahara for a family trip   Auto-tour on request, for two persons, two days and one bivouac night, in the desert of the Sahara in Douz area. The autotour to the Sahara is planned on Thursday 20th and Friday 21th of February, according to the program  set during our email exchanges.
From -- €

Tour to Tunis

Discovery of Tunis capital and the antique Carthage. Private tour, 15 days / 14 nights, on request, from Tunis-Carthage to southern Tunisia via Kairouan and back via El Jem. 4 or 5 people, may 18th to june 1st. Program according to our e-mail exchanges.
From -- €

Sahara sightseeing tour – 2 days in Douz sand

Discovery of the Sahara in Southern Tunisia Sahara sightseeing tour, in the South of Tunisia towards Ksar Ghilane Oasis, including 1 hour camel ride. Between August 19th and 20th, 2 person
From -- €

Sightseeing tour to Tozeur

Discovery of Tozeur area and its mountain oases, Tamerza, Chebika…
From -- €

Djerba by Tracks Ride – 1 day

  An island tour by 4×4, completely by tracks : the real face of Djerba.   In the course of tracks, between menzels, palm groves and fields of olive trees, you will discover the life of the island’s heart .   On tracks,alternately sandy and flexible , then rocky and “shaking around”, you will progress […]
From 80 €

Chenini and Berber Villages tour – 1 day

From a seaside stay, discover the Berber villages of the South Tunisia…   Berber villages of South Tunisia … Early departure. We leave Djerba by ferry toward Medenine (coffee break).We continue our trip toward Guermassa, considered as one of the most tremendous peak villages in the Tunisian southeast .Situated in some 10 km in the […]
From 75 €

“Autre Tunisie” Djerba Island Tour -1 day

A special one day tour of Djerba island for people with curiosity, looking for the famous Djerbian sweet way of life.   Discovery of Djerbian way of life and menzel’s visit Pick-up at your hotel or accommodation in Djerba or Zarzis. Departure toward the island core. After two miles, we arrive at a menzel nestled between […]
From 75 €

Tataouine tour – 1 day

For a discovery of the famous Tataouine town and its historic wealth… One day tour from Djerba island to Tataouine, an adventure excursion in South Tunisia ideal for families. Tataouine : history and Berber culture of South Tunisia … Early pick-up at your hotel or accommodation, and departure from Djerba island by the Roman roadway. Photo break at […]
From 75 €

“Autre Tunisie” Djerba Island Tour – 1/2 day

For vacationers who want to expand their vision of Djerba… Discovery of the Djerbian way of life and visit of a traditional menzel Departure toward the island core. After two miles, we arrive at a Djerbian traditional menzel nestled between palm groves and fields of olive trees. You will discover another aspect of Djerba island through its architecture and […]
From 40 €

The Berber Journey – 2 days

Take off to South Tunisia and experience the Berber civilization   Berber villages of South Tunisia … Early departure. We leave Djerba by ferry toward Medenine (coffee break).We continue our trip toward Guermassa, considered as one of the most tremendous peak villages in the Tunisian southeast .Situated in some 10 km in the southwest of Ghomrassen, the ancient citadel groups an archaeological World Heritage complex. Then, direction toward […]
From 165 €