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Hotel Arischa – Djerba from 14 €

Hotel Arischa, old caravanserai, prices and information for your stay in Djerba.

The Arischa hotel benefits from a strategic location. It is located 15 minutes away from the airport and the touristic area, near the taxi and bus station of the city center. There are two free parking near the hotel. In the heart of Houmt Souk city, near ancient mosques and the only church of the island, you can wander freely through the alleys of the medina, and stroll in the “bazaar”, to discover the artisans of the district: basket makers, weavers, jewelers … tempted by the warm invitations of the craftsmen.
All rooms have heating / air conditioning. Extra blankets are also provided in winter. This is the ideal place for backpackers, but it is also popular with couples for its romantic charm, and history enthusiasts, with its architecture typical of old caravanserai and authentic decor.


Hotel Arischa – Djerba : Accommodation

The hotel occupies the buildings of an old caravansarai dating back more than three centuries. Fondouks or caravanserais existed since the ninth century and their construction lasted until the nineteenth century. Located along the ancient caravan routes, especially along the ancient Silk Road, these establishments have hosted, during centuries, traveling merchants and their mounts.
Caravanserai were built around a patio. The animals were installed at ground floor while the travelers were settled in the rooms called ghorfas on the first floor. For long, the island of Djerba has indeed been a place of trade in the Mediterranean area. Traveling merchants went on the island through the Trik el Jemal, a caravan road that connected the island to the mainland.


The Arischa has since been converted into a boutique hotel, with preserved authentic architecture: the ghorfas are a relatively open space, where alcove room and ensuite communicates, favoring the intimacy of couples. Very nice decor mixes traditional Djerbian crafts, and paintings of modern artists. The heavy wooden doors are original, as the patio in the center of which is a great basin, where a refreshing dip is possible (however it is not a modern swimming pool). The ancient doors use an amazing closing system without locks, but as struts or spars, very solid wooden closures rods, who go to stick in a hole in the adjoining wall.


Hotel Arischa – Djerba : Catering and bar

Nowadays, the lovely boutique hotel also owns a restaurant. You won’t be served anywhere else in an equally picturesque scenery. The pleasant ancient patio, and its arches adorned with bougainvillea, invites you to taste dishes prepared with simplicity and “know how”. The restaurant named “The patio” invites you to enjoy tasty Tunisian dishes in this picturesque and romantic place.The opportunity to taste local wines and beer is also a plus for a relaxed atmosphere, with the music sounds of lutes and other oriental rhythms.