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General Terms and Conditions of Sale

General Terms and Conditions of Sale

Our terms of sale are applicable according to the decrees of the Tunisian Law fixing the conditions of exercise of the activities relative to the organization and to the sale of journeys or stays. The booking of our services is reserved to users having acknowledged and accepted the terms of sale. The refusal of one of the clauses will lead to the cancellation of the order. Our terms of sale are annexed to the requests of registration and are available for consultation on our web site.

AUTRE TUNISIE takes charge of its clients after police and customs checks, on their arrival at the airport, for the departure of the tour or stay they have booked. This taking charge ends after the return transfer to the airport and usual help with departure formalities.


Registration and payment

The registration is effective as from the validation of the registration form via the site and the payment corresponding according to the terms below.


Terms of payment:

Registration before more than 35 days from the date of the departure: in the registration, payment to AUTRE TUNISIE of an accompte of 35 % of the total amount of the journey. The balance of the price of the journey must be paid, without reminder, at the latest, 35 days before the date of the departure, otherwise OTHER TUNISIA would be entitled to cancel the contract, without the buyer can claim to the refund of his deposit nor in any compensation. In that case the cancellation will be considered as on the buyer’s initiative  .

Registration unless 35 days of the date of the departure: payment to AUTRE TUNISIE of the total amount of the journey.

Our price lists, in €, are given per person, accommodation in double room.


Offer’s validity

Concerning the stays, our offers get on subject to availability at the time of the registration. Our request of registration and our descriptions establish the valid preliminary information except sale in the meanwhile.

The applicable price lists are the ones posted on the site OTHER TUNISIA in the date of your registration. They do not include : the insurances (possibility of signing them to the registration), the personal purchases (drinks, supplements, laundering, telephone, faxes, pledges for the loan of diverse equipments), pledges, expenses or penalties incurred further to a fine in the laws of the concerned countries, the sightseeings not mentioned in the registration, the tips and in a general way, any service not expressly included in the registration form.

We do not know the exact schedules of the flights borrowed by the various participants at the time of the distribution of our offer of journey. Accordingly, it is up to you to consider that the first and last day of the trip are typically devoted to transportation.

The price per person and by tour is fixed on the basis of participants’ minimum appearing in the offer of journey.



AUTRE TUNISIE reserves the right to cancel a tour within 21 days before the departure date if the minimum number of participants indicated is not reached. An alternative may be proposed to you. If it does not suit you, your payments will be refunded in full, without further compensation.

AUTRE TUNISIE can not be held liable for the consequences of external events to it:

– including failure to register for delay in the flight boarding .

– failure to present a passport, or identity documents presented not conforming.

– incidents or events unforeseeable and insurmountable such as war, political unrest, riots, strikes, bad weather.

– cancellation imposed by the circumstances of absolute necessity, for reasons related to maintaining passenger safety, order of an administrative authority.



If AUTRE TUNISIE considers that passenger safety can’t be ensured, it reserves the right to change dates, times or planned routes without the participants being able to claim any compensation.


Cancellation fees

If canceled by the customer, AUTRE TUNISIE will apply the penalty scale below:

– More than 30 days before departure:………………10% of booking amount

– Between 29 and 21 days before departure:……….25% of booking amount

– Between 20 and 14 days before departure:……….50% of booking amount

– Between 13 and 7 days before departure:…………75% of booking amount

– Less than 7 days before departure date :…………100% of booking amount

Cancellation within 7 days of departure, no-show at departure or non-compliance with administrative requirements: 100% of tour price. In case of no-show at departure, we reserve the right to cancel the other benefits.  In case of transfer, the transferor must inform us by registered letter, no later than 15 days before the departure date, including name, address, number and date of issue of passport and the transferee’s phone, showing  that it fulfills the necessary conditions for the trip. Before, the transferor or the transferee will be required to pay administrative costs of a lump sum of 50 €. Supplementary insurances are not refundable or transferable. Any travel interrupted, abbreviated or any service not used by the client will not entitle to any refund.

Corona virus Covid-19 – Temporary modification of the cancellation conditions

For any reservation (payment of a deposit) before January 31, 2022 for trips with a departure until September 30, 2022:
For any cancellation related to the COVID-19 pandemic in the traveller’s country of residence (such as local government restrictions, restrictions on re-entry to their country of residence).
Cancellation policy:
– Up to 30 days before departure: no cancellation fees
The traveler will benefit from a refund without cancellation fees (excluding flights) up to 30 days before the departure date on simple request by email
– Between 30 days and the date of departure: postponement, free of charge, of the trip (excluding flights)! The traveler will be given an exchange voucher, valid for 12 months without price increase, to allow the traveler to postpone their trip, with complete peace of mind.
Of course, if the traveler refuses to postpone the trip, our usual cancellation policy may apply.

Refund or postponement proposal must be made within 30 days of the traveler’s written request to cancel the trip.



According to international practice, the rooms are made ​​available, local exceptions, from 13 pm to 12 am regardless of the arrival and departure. We reserve the right to technical reasons, circumstances of absolute necessity or due to third parties to replace the hotel provided by a facility of the same class. Our prices are contract rates. It is therefore impossible to consider certain promotional rates charged on site at certain times, accordingly, we do not take into account any claim or demand repayment. The descriptions are made with care, however they have no contractual value and we can not be held responsible for changes made ​​in the meantime. The number of meals depends on the number of nights spent in hotels. The full board starts with dinner on the first night and ends with breakfast on the last night. Half board includes breakfast and one meal a day (usually dinner). Drinks are included only when specifically mentioned.


Air transport

AUTRE TUNISIE don’t sell tickets, and so can not be held responsible in any way for problems related to air transport (delays, strikes, luggage …).

You organize alone, your transfer to the place of commencement of travel, and return to your home at the end of the trip, therefore, we recommend that you purchase benefits modifiable and / or refundable and foresee reasonable transfer time between home and airport.


Means of  terrestrial transport

AUTRE TUNISIE reserves the right to change the type of vehicles used for tours and sightseeings, depending on their nature and number of participants.



Prior to registration and to his departure, the buyer must inform himself near the competent authorities, embassy, ​​consulate … about police formalities, customs and health requirements for the trip. He will make himself such formalities and ensure that it complies with the requirements of relevant authorities for the duration of his journey, under its full responsibility for himself and for accompanying persons in particular minors. We note that these requirements are subject to change. The information we provide for guidance, only affect, adults  of French nationality. We can never be held accountable for the consequences of events of absolute necessity, acts of God or due to third parties. We accept no liability in case of modification or cancellation of benefits due to weather conditions or events beyond our control.



AUTRE TUNISIE  underwritten by the insurance company Tunisian «LLOYD TUNISIEN» an insurance contract N° 225155016/225450014  against the financial consequences of its general liability.

AUTRE TUNISIE has signed with Chapka Insurance, Insurance Brokerage Company, an affiliation agreement.

AUTRE TUNISIE assumes the role of “indicator of insurance” within the meaning of Article R511-3 of the Insurance Code. As such, the role of Autre Tunisie is limited to connecting the insured and the insurer.

AUTRE TUNISIE invites its customers to discover the solutions offered by Chapka Insurance, including the guarantees Cancellation and Repatriation, available by following this link:

Cap Explorer: the comprehensive insurance solution made to travel serenely

Any claims for refunds relating, will be processed directly with “Chapka Insurance”.



Any claim relating to a trip or a stay, will send us with supporting documents no later than 30 days after the date originally scheduled for the end of delivery, by registered letter with acknowledgment. In case of dispute the courts will have jurisdiction in Tunis.


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