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Entertainment Autre Tunisie: Quad or ATV and buggy

In North America, ATV acronym is used as All-Terrain Vehicle abbreviation to designate the quads. Quad, or quadricycle is a non covered motor cycle, off-road, one or two-seater with three or four wheels. The quad is used as an leisure off-road vehicle, for ease of conduct as an accessible vehicle at all, for the ride on the tracks.

The buggy is composed of a frame, usually covered, and two drive wheels at the rear, although there are 4x4 models.

SSV is an all-terrain vehicle in the category of quadricycles where occupants are sitting next to each other, a hybrid, half-quad half-buggy.

Quad § ATV in Tozeur

Solo or duo quad ride excursion, departing from the Tozeur palm grove!
From 10 €

Buggy § SSV in Tozeur

Buggy excursion from Tozeur!
From 38 €

Buggy § SSV in Ksar Ghilane

Buggy ride to the oasis of Ksar Ghilane !
From -- €

Quad § ATV in Douz

Quad biking solo or duo in the dunes near Douz!
From 30 €

Quad § ATV in Ksar Ghilane

By quad, solo or duo, in the first dunes of the Sahara !
From 20 €

Buggy in Djerba

Buggy, adventure in Djerba in southern Tunisia!
From 30 €

Quad § ATV in Djerba

By quad, solo or duo, discover the tracks of Djerba !
From 15 €