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Entertainment Autre Tunisie: Parasailing & banana and towed buoy

Parasailing, also known as parascending or parakiting, consists of climbing in the air, hooked on a sail that is towed by a boat. Takeoff is from the beach at the seaside or from the aft deck of the boat.

The banana, like the sofa, is an inflatable buoy intended to be towed on the sea or a body of water, as part of recreational water activities.

Some of these towed buoys are shaped like bananas, hence their name. For added comfort, its have footrest floats and handles. Their capacity can range from two to ten people depending on the models.

The sofa is a seat-shaped buoy of the same name. It allows the bathers to be towed while staying fixed in their seat, or lying hung with handles for the lovers of sensations or laughs.

Banana, sofa and towed buoys in Djerba

Banana, sofa and towed buoys, laughs by the water in Djerba!
From 15 €

Parasailing in Djerba

Parasailing, fly over the beaches of Djerba!
From 22 €