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Autre Tunisie is a tailor-made travel agency, it allows you to travel freely on the menu or “à la carte”…


Our philosophy is to offer you quality time and valuable sights in Tunisia, whether you choose one of our ready-made tours or decide for a customized vacation.

“Ready-made tours”: Pick your favorite within our selection, book your trip and we will ensure you great holidays.

For an “A la carte” trip: Imagine your vacation, the team of professionals from the local agency Autre Tunisie will do everything possible to make it possible. If you wish to privatize your trip, with friends, family or for a particular event, do not hesitate to contact us via the form below.


Custom-made tours

We can modify an existing circuit, in its content by personalizing it according to your centers of interest and the places you want to visit. We can also offer you personalized departure dates. We can also shape a circuit according to your budget: luxury travel with top-of-the-range services and honeymoon offers for honeymoons, but also economical travel for backpackers or students…


Tailor-made stays

List your wishes for a dream vacation and we will dedicate ourselves to its realization:

Combined stays and excursion of a few days in southern Tunisia:

(stay to be booked by us) for a real discovery of the Sahara, with night in bivouac or in a fixed camp but also for the practice of specific sports activities such as karting on sand or microlight.

Tours include hikes, camel treks and 4X4 rides, trough the South of Tunisia as well as discovery tours towards Djerba, Carthage and Tozeur areas.

Hotels, a few in each range are presented that will cover most queries.

Sightseeing tours with departure from Djerba, Zarzis, Douz or Tozeur will make the most of a short break.

We can also enhance your seaside stay with many activities depending on your own hobby and leisure preferences.

If you want to privatize your trip, to modify an existing tour, to create a very special travel experience in Tunisia, let us know through our contact page.

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