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Autre Tunisie advise to take out travel insurance

Autre Tunisie draws your attention to the need to be covered by good travel insurance, especially for the “Cancellation” or “Repatriation” warranties

 We recommend our partner Chapka Insurance and his contract CAP EXPLORER.

 Cap Explorer is a formula , created by specialists , to offer you a complete coverage during your trip:

Cancellation travel insurance before departure for all justified reasons and sudden events: €10,000 per person. Beware the cancellation benefit is not included in the Explorer Assistance package.

  • Overseas medical expenses: up to €75,000€
  • Early return : Transportation ticket in case of death of a family member
  • Luggage insurance: €2,000
  • Civil liability: €4,500,000
  • Advance of bail bond : €15,245
  • And more benefits

Why subscribe to CAP EXPLORER?